“Michelle asked thought-provoking questions of my screenplay, able to put her finger on the main problem plaguing my plot. She then expanded on the exact elements that were causing me trouble, providing more insight into my characters and the mechanics of my plot in one read than I had stumbled through in months.Her turnaround time was quicker than I thought possible, delivering early as she knew I was on a deadline, and with the quality of her coverage, it was definitely value for money. Her synopsis was really helpful for building my treatment and her conclusion told me exactly what my next draft needed. Thank you, Michelle – I will definitely be back!”

Rosie Claverton, screenwriter

“Thank you very much for your report, which I’ve eagerly read through. Not only is it comprehensive but also incredibly objective. Your analysis is concise and any critique is well explained. Your suggestions are very helpful in order to understand what and where development is needed. All in all, I have to say it, great value for money! Incidentally, your comments are consistent with the BBC and other feedback, so I now have a good idea where I need to position the redrafting!”

Chris Brookes, screenwriter

“I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle’s services. Her insighful feedback on my short play meant that the next draft was strengthened considerably. Her attention to detail and supportive attitude gave me confidence to take on board what she said. I will definitely be using her scriptreading services again.”

Elinor Perry-Smith, screenwriter & playright

“Michelle assisted me with our screenplay ‘Charlie’ as a proofreader. Her work was professional and exemplary. Michelle was also very kind with her comments about the story which I hadn’t asked for. I would recommend getting your work read by Michelle as her services are complete and well rounded.”

Mike Ogden, screenwriter/director

“Thank you for your brilliant and in depth report. I am so glad I sent the script to you to look at because a lot of our feedback before was good and very general. Your report is the first to really break down the script and get to the core of its problems. It’s funny how you can miss things right in front of you that become glaringly obvious once pointed out. I am definitely a satisfied customer and will be coming back to you in the future.”

James Ankobia, screenwriter

“I am really encouraged by your report and [additional encouraging] comments. I had a good long read of your comprehensive feedback and am very pleased with how very constructive it all is.  I LOL’d at the “rogue full stop” on p.49!  Now that’s service. I’m going to take on board your suggestions for the plot development and the character arc for XXXXX, etc.  Your ideas will certainly add a great deal of dramatic impetus. I put in a plug on Twitter for professional readers as a result of the quality of your work. I would very much like to send you the completed rewrite before I let it loose.”

Dennis Hurleston, screenwriter

“Michelle’s script reading service really helped me whip my contest script into shape. I had no idea how many little formatting errors I was making until she looked over my script. She also caught a dozen typos that four other people looked right past when they proof read it. I’ve no doubt at all that this script is as good as it can possibly be now. I feel much more confident entering it than I did before she worked on it. Thanks Michelle!”

Shauna Becker, screenwriter

“Hi Michelle, simply to say THANK YOU for the report. Your notes are really helpful and made me laugh out loud in a very good way as you raised exactly some key points raised by the script editor! The notes are very thorough and very helpful and I will go through them in fine detail to help me polish the MS. You have spotted typos that no one else has ever. Thanks so much for organising your diary to prioritise this. I really appreciate it.”

Tricia Walker, novelist & screenwriter