Written feedback report on your script, short story or novel. What’s working well, and what could be improved?


Checking for format. spelling, grammar and syntax issues. PDF mark-up or direct editing.

Style Editing

Advice on how to improve your written style. PDF comments or direct editing.

How much?

Every project is different depending upon its length and the level of work required. Contact me for a quote!


All the main craft and storytelling areas, such as: premise, genre, theme, plot, characters, structure, marketability… and so on.

This is where I use highlighting and commenting functions on your PDF script to point out issues and make suggestions for corrections or improvements.

This is where you send me your document and I edit it directly, making the changes for you.

PDFs are preferable for reading scripts/manuscripts, and for marking up. For direct editing, preferences are Fade In or Final Draft for scripts (although I can import several other file types) or a word processed document of some sort for manuscripts.

Standard turnaround time is ‘within 1-3 weeks’ from receipt of both document and payment.

Simply contact me for a quote and to enquire about my availability, and we’ll take it from there!

Once we’ve agreed on the service and quote that suits your needs, I’ll either send you a PDF invoice with bank transfer details (UK customers) or I will send you a PayPal payment request (please note that payments via PayPal have 7% added on to cover fees).

Still have questions?

Want a quote?

“Michelle assisted me with our screenplay ‘Charlie’ as a proofreader. Her work was professional and exemplary. Michelle was also very kind with her comments about the story which I hadn’t asked for. I would recommend getting your work read by Michelle as her services are complete and well rounded.”

Mike Ogden, screenwriter/director

“Thank you for your brilliant and in depth report. I am so glad I sent the script to you to look at because a lot of our feedback before was good and very general. Your report is the first to really break down the script and get to the core of its problems. It’s funny how you can miss things right in front of you that become glaringly obvious once pointed out. I am definitely a satisfied customer and will be coming back to you in the future.”

James Ankobia, screenwriter